An Exceptional City
3 Aralık 2015

Exhibition: “Müstesna Şehir” (An Exceptional City), September 2014, ArkeoPera Art Gallery, Istanbul

Slideshow: 2nd Documentary Photography Days, November 2015, SALT Galata, Istanbul (

From the description of exhibition: “ArkeoPera Art Gallery is doing season opening on September, 16 with An Exceptional City, the first solo exhibition of young photograhper Berk Demirbaş. The exhibition includes photographs from the seie which the artist called ‘An Exceptional City”, which is inspired by the book “Istanbul: The State of Exception is an Exceptional City’ complied by Ayşe Çavdar and Pelin Tan. With the serie that he started in 2013 and he has been working on, the artist aims to document today’s Istanbul which has been seen exceptional for so long and also has been plundered for conversion projects.”